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4 Inch Glow Sticks

4 Inch Glow Sticks
Our 4 Inch Glow Sticks are the best and longest lasting glow sticks in the market.
8 different colors
Glow 6-8 hours
Free strings with orders
Standard size: 10 mm in diameter

About white colors: There is no pure white color available in the market.
It is normal seeing color looks like light blue or purple

50 4" Premium Glow Sticks(1 Bag)
Sold in the group of 50 glow sticks
$0.38 each, buy 1 bag of 50
$0.33 each, buy 5+bags
$0.30 each, buy 10+bags
Free strings with orders

$ 19.00
1000 4" Premium Glow Sticks (Full case)
Free ground shipping
$0.27 each, buy 1 case of 1000
$0.26 each, buy 2+ cases
$0.25 each, buy 4+ cases
$0.24 each, buy 6+cases
Free strings with orders

$ 270.00
4" Premium Glow Sticks Retail Pack
Sold in the group of 48 glow sticks
Individual foil pack with string
$$0.45 each, buy 1 box of 48 sticks
$0.40 each, buy 6+ boxes
$0.35 each, buy 12+ boxes(Full case)

$ 21.60

How to activate a glow stick

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